WWE Gaming Review: 2K14

The inclusion of the Ultimate Warrior in the latest WWE 2K14 is exciting and surprising. This is the first time since the beginning of Smackdown/Smackdown VS Raw/WWE that this character is entering the ring. This is what makes the game electrifying and fun to play.  Dolph Ziggler, Steve Austin, The Rock, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Randy and “Macho Man” Savage are also included in this game, the 2012 release of THQ may look similar to this latest release but it is faster and smoother.

The game has up to 200 animations that is rebuilt to give the player an amazing fluid feel from the ground. This time, a superstar can accelerate into a run instead of taking pace from the standing position to the full speed which is instantaneous. The strikes are faster unlike the previous release of the game. And before you buy this, let me just have a quick review About WWE 2K14 gaming Series.

What Makes the Game Great

The reason why 2K14 is better than the other versions of the WWE is simply because it was taken care of separately which has made it possible for the development of the WWE 2K14 to be on schedule with its numerous iterative improvements. The molasses slow wrestlers, plodding and stiff animated moves in the previous games were all taken corrected in this game. The punching are now very fast and real life animated features makes the game to be great. The OMG Moments are spectacular moments as a user can now create a lot of stunning movements in the game. Take for instance the stage shades of Ryback and Cena, finishers through the ring, spearing opponents through barricade and ring breaking superplex that has been made available for the user.


WWE Games Review 2k14

The Introduction of Ultimate Warrior

The 2K has made it official that the trailer that features Warrior is a pre-order bonus for WWE 2K14 offering. This trailer is funny with a lot of humor from the Warrior character which is not seen in the other wild side of the real character. The Warrior is known as a legendary wrestler of all time and iconic which is the reason why players would love to play with it.

In 2K14, there is nothing like impossibility. Though, there is no serious shake up in its features compared to the previous, it is still great to play.   A player can take advantage of the limb-specific targeting and also the almost real life emulation version of the game to the arcade like play off.


The animated features of the game are almost real which takes away the robotic animated movements  as there are attire adjustments, short taunts which makes it a game to feel excited about, you can add texture and color to the on-screen action, there is also successful reversals that would make each move without disruptions during actions. The polishers and tweaks are combined by its advancements in the features that were introduced in 2012. The effectiveness of the ‘catch finishers’ can now allow a user to catapult any opponent into the air in an offensive manner. For beginners, the tactics and skills that are built in the game is easy to make use of. This means you have a lot of fun without challenges in mastering the skills of each superstar.  The use of catch finishers can be used offensively if a user would want to toss an opponent towards the rope or wait for the opponent to meet you, you can shove them into the air and get them hooked with any finishing move you desire like the Rock Bottom.

There are lots of scenarios you can make use of to assault an opponent like the Chokeslams, Shell Shocks and Attitude Adjustments which can be used to execute two different opponents simultaneously.

2K14 has a lot of brutalities that makes the game almost real. There is no dull moment for any user with the stored finisher moves. There is a triple threat match where superstars can make use of the singles stored finishers to inflict the other two opponents a huge damage.  This has created a critical window that would pin a foe while the other opponent struggles to recover from the damage. The different superstars have a lot of different tactics and moves that make playing exciting.


WWE Games Review 2K14

You can revamp comebacks. There are lots of smart alterations that have made the game better than the previous ones. The reversal system is rebuilt to make the user play the game effortlessly. This means that any attack can be reverse into other forms of attack which eliminates the chance of non- offensive holds or even pushing a fight along instead of allowing the opponent to overcome or escape your counter. The use of reversal system quickly eliminates the boring or dull moments that may be encountered during a match.  The game match is similar to what we see on the television as there is an improvement in the overall pacing.


And with the game play slice that has never been seen in the WWE games, you can bet your money you may not stop playing this game.

In the previous games, there may have been lots of hitches which has been taken care of in this WWE 2K14. The speed of the wrestlers have been improved which gives them a more fluid like animated movement. Running across the length of the ring is accelerated too which gives a melee strike a fast speed.  The game has a thin line between the normal defined traditional wrestling simulation and a better wrestling that is more accessible and filled with actions.


This gaming review of WWE 2k14 series will simply provide personal info that will help the fans identify the game’s features and information to make use before buying this game series. A user would enjoy the friendly interface and the animated features that make 2K worth playing. For those who have played the previous WWE games, this is addictive and irresistible compared to others. You have a lot of funs and almost real life OMG Moments to make use of. The introduction of special features like the catch finisher is what would give a user that amazing feat to play.wwegamesreview wwe2k14 logo

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